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Startseite : Weblogger : German court affirms obligation of GPL

On 19th May 2004 the regional court Munich I affirmed that GNU General Public License (GPL) can be legally effective part of a contract (Az. 21 O 6123/03). A few days ago, on 23rd July, the court published the reasons regarding its judgment.
Software developer Harald Welte arrived a restraining order against router manufacturer Sitecom, which used GPL-software netfilter/iptables in firmware of its products without making source code available and pointing to usage of GPL software.
This is worldwide one of the first judgments regarding legal effects of GPL and therefore will be path-breaking concerning future judgments.

Working myself within the scope of several open source projects, I am glad about this decision and hope that there always will be as many people as possible working together and sharing their thoughts in order to achieve greatest benefit for whole society and not just a minority group.

For further information about judgment, see:

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