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Startseite : Weblogger : Closing Chapter "Diploma Thesis"

After several labor-intensive months I finished writing my diploma thesis. Unfortunately it lasts some months more than originally planned whereupon this was caused by several reasons. One reason was that for about 50% of the control group digital recordings never had been achieved although study protocol specified this requirement. Another problem was my "preference" for writing theoretical texts. I like programming and doing practical stuff but writing does not belong to my favorite activities :-). Needless to say that a diploma thesis should be written in a scientific way and therefore could not just present some results, but must also consist of an introduction part and a chapter describing used methods in order to solve task. And last but not least my work as student assistant at Medical Faculty (University of Heidelberg) regarding eLearning project Athena took up some time. I should mention that latter one was a voluntary decision as loving this kind of practical work and being integrated in a friendly team.
Regardless of those problems subject of the thesis was very interesting and maybe, I can publish some results later.

21:44, 16 Mrz 2005 by Martin Peierl Permalink

Glückwunsch Martin!

by Carl Robert Blesius on 19.03.2005

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